Jindal pipe, Hissar is a presumed manufacturer of High Frequency Welded  API line pipes as per specification 5L,  which is an American standard of oil line pipe that transfers oil, gas and water as well as natural gas to the petroleum or natural gas industry. API line pipe is mainly applicable in the chemical, petroleum, textile, medical, machinery,

The application range of High frequency welded API line pipe is gradually expanded especially in the large diameter welded pipe. In addition, due to cost, welded pipe line has been dominant in the field of API line pipe. The price of High Frequency welded API line pipe is much cheaper than seamless steel line pipe. Therefore the High Frequency welded API line pipe is gradually becoming leading role in the oil and natural gas transportation industry. 

API line pipe as per Specification 5L comes in a variety of wall thicknesses and grades.  API line pipe is offered in both seamless and High frequency welded configuration to meet the particular challenges of all transmission environments.

Grade designations of API line pipe by JINDAL PIPE, HISSAR issue from the American Petroleum Institute (API) Spec 5L Specification for API line pipe.  JINDAL PIPE, HISSAR currently carries the certification for both product specification levels (PSL1 & PSL2) of API Line Pipe . 

Scope for API Line Pipe, Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries-Steel Pipe for Pipe Line Transportation Systems dependable transmission of oil and gas to any type of collection and distribution point.
The scope of License  for API line pipe granted by  American Petroleum Institute to Jindal Pipe, Hissar is as follows:-

For PSL1- Manufacturer of line pipe with plain end at PSL1

  • Type of pipe High Frequency welded (HFW) with Delivery condition M & Grade A to X-60
  • Type of pipe High Frequency welded (HFW) with Delivery condition R & Grade A to X-60
 For PSL2- Manufacturer of line pipe with plain end at PSL2
  • Type of pipe High Frequency welded (HFW) with Delivery condition M & Grade B to X-60

Jindal Pipe Hissar have supplied the API Line Pipe to most reputed client as GAIL India Limited, ONGC, EIL India Limited, Haryana City Gas Limited, Cairn Energy, IOCL, HPCL, MNGL, IGL & Avantika Gas Limited Etc.

Testing Equipments for API Line Pipe:-




Universal Testing Machines 40 Ton


Non Destructive Test :-

    a. Eddy Current Testing Machine

    b. Automatic Ultrasonic Testing For Pipe Weld & Body


Hydro Testing  Machine


Vickers Micro Hardness Tester


Metallographic Microscope


Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


Mandrills and Fixtures


Hydraulic Press


Bending Machine


Charpy Impact Testing Machine (300J)


Roughness Tester


For material testing (mechanical properties).


For on line  flaw detection on welds & HAZ

Detection of defects in steel and welding.



High Pressure Testing upto 450 kg/cm2


For checking micro hardness on weld, heat affected zone and material


For checking micro structure on weld, heat affected zone


For checking thickness & pipes


For welding root bend test.


For  attening and weld ductility test


For pipe bend test


For Toughness Test.


For roughness Test

Eddy Current Testing

Seam Normalizing

Hydrostatic Test

Ultrasonic Testing